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We Met At Acme

Sep 30, 2018

We Met At Acme Episode 52 features Serena Fucking Kerrigan from Refinery 29. We discuss what it’s like growing up in the city vs moving here after school, ambivalence toward dating apps, how to handle dating app matches, age difference in relationships, when to have sex with someone, keeping nudes from past...

Sep 23, 2018

We Met At Acme Episode 51 is a recording of We Met At UJA, our live panel event with Jonah Feingold, Jared Matthew Weiss, Meredith Davis, and Jake Walker. On this panel, we talk about meet cutes, Judaism, converting for a partner, dating preferences, the "what are we" conversation, and so much more! 

Sep 16, 2018

We Met At Acme Episode 50 features Jori, our first midwife. In this episode, Jori and I discuss what midwives do, differences in healthcare around the world, contraception, IUD's, pregnancy and knowing when to get pregnant, eating your placenta, and A LOT MORE!

Sep 9, 2018

We Met At Acme Episode 49 features Ross Asdourian, author of Broken Bananah. In this episode, we discuss how Ross broke his penis, walking the line between emasculating and contributing your fair share, Instagram models, tabouli-gate, love for your family vs love for your partner; dating app profiles, sex dreams,...

Sep 2, 2018

We Met At Acme episode 48 features Chrissy Rutherford aka @chrissyford, a digital editor at Harper’s Bazaar. In this episode; we talk turn ons, lube, break ups and moving on from them, dealing with cheating in a new relationship, attachment styles, enneagram tests, and more.


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