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We Met At Acme

Nov 25, 2018

In this episode, Corey and I discuss being transgender from birth, cyber bullying, dating while trans, getting surgery, dating apps and people’s responses, transgender idols/icons, and so much more! 
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Nov 18, 2018

In this episode, Nick and I discuss his best bachelor date, connecting with someone vs just being attracted to them, kissing and telling, dating apps, how to weed out the fame-chasers vs genuinely interested women, sex on the first date, gender roles in dating, and of course, astrology.
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Nov 11, 2018

We Met At Acme Episode 58 features Shan Boody, the Martha Stewart of Intimacy. In this episode, we discuss making the first move, the steps of intimacy, consent and intent, knowing what works for you in the bedroom, different types of orgasms, doing anal the right way, the gooch, the benefits of coconut oil, and so...

Nov 4, 2018

In this episode, Sam and I talk dating apps, exes coming out as gay, fear of becoming part of his comedic act, therapy in the city, Lindsey’s love of Edward Norton, keeping tabs on exes’ social media, paying on dates, and so much more!