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We Met At Acme

Jul 28, 2019

This episode starts out with a little solo conversation since you guys were into that last time. Then, Kimmy and Liza and I discuss going to an all girls school, parents who don't care about parties in their homes, going on 51 dates, when to sleep with a stranger, long distance relationships, staying strong...

Jul 21, 2019

In this episode, I talk to you guys about friends with benefits, sex drive, what I've learned about myself through dating, relationship tips, getting through arguments, my relationship with myself, being single in late 20s early 30s, and so much more!

Jul 14, 2019

In this week's episode with Josh Roberts, we discuss British lingo, panic attacks, therapy in the UK, cognitive behavioral therapy vs psychotherapy, men with eating disorders, how many things in your mind you should share with your partner, if the thoughts in your head are always true, stories of dumping...

Jul 7, 2019

Erin and I discuss human design, how her and her partner went from friends to in a serious relationship, when Erin was in an open relationship, intuition, and more. Erin also gives me a little taste of my human design blueprint.