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We Met At Acme

Oct 17, 2021

In this full solo episode, I discuss the non-glamorous wedding planning process, how to move forward when you feel distance between you and your SO, what is a red flag vs normal as the honeymoon period comes to an end, is it better to "fall" in love or "choose" love, how do you deal with a partner who tends to dismiss your problems, friends not liking your SO, how to bring up relationship history in a chill way I.e. what didn't work for them last time, how to deal with new job anxiety, what to do at the 3 month dating mark when they haven't asked to be official, what is the newest "rule" I've added to the list and why, the worst rejection I’ve faced, traits about my fiancé I didn’t initially understand, how my finances have changed since my relationship began, my squid game predictions, and more! with code ACME for $25 of your first box. for $25 off your purchase of $100 or more with code ACME for $100 off your first month to have your first. $5,000 managed free, for life!


Produced by Dear Media