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We Met At Acme

Feb 7, 2021

In this episode, I virtually sit down with Christina Najjar aka Tinx. We discuss how we became friends, what cosmetic things she has done, where the name Tinx came from, how to not feel down when all your friends are getting married and you’re single, ending friendships, Tinx’s dating rules, comparing NY/LDN/LA/SF, hyping up your friends, if guys know when someone has had work done, awkward professional and personal situations, most cringe thing she’s done for a guy, and more. The episode starts with a solo where I discuss 69ing, why I don’t drink coffee, grey hairs, and the slow build. for 20% off your first order for 20% off your order for a free 30 day trial with code ACME for 20% off plus Free Shipping


Produced by Dear Media