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We Met At Acme

Apr 26, 2020

In this episode, I virtually sit down with Rob Kowalski. Rob is a best-sell- ing author and speaker who is best known for his views on waiting to have sex before marriage. We discussed why it’s good to wait, how men and women view sex differently, what sex can do to a relationship dynamic, living together before marriage, and more. As you can prob- ably imagine, Rob and I had many debates on this subject and did not see eye to eye. However, we did find a common ground at the end of the episode. The episode starts with a solo where I discuss Too Hot To Handle, saying I Love You in relationships, enneagrams, and how my behavior in relationships has changed from my early 20s. for 30% off your order for 10% off your first order for 20% off your first order


Produced by Dear Media