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We Met At Acme

Jan 10, 2021

In this episode, I virtually sit down with Noah Erb from The Bachelorette. We discuss if he really went on the show to get married, what faith means to him, if he was told to be “the villain,” how open you should be about going on multiple dates, what Claire did wrong, his regrets on the show, women who are bad at sex, and more. The episode starts with a solo where I discuss how to navigate the conversation about their exes, dating guys with “swag” vs. guys who would make a good father, what happens when you’re engaged (or so I have heard), dating someone who isn’t over their ex, and my experience in my Saturn return. for 15% off plus Free Shipping with code ACME for $25 off your first box with code ACME to get your Free account or 50% off your premium account


Produced by Dear Media