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We Met At Acme

May 30, 2021

In this episode, I am virtually joined by the amazing Emily Morse from Sex With Emily podcast. We discuss how to achieve an orgasm if you never have, how important sex is in a relationship, tips on communication when it comes to intimacy, why Emily doesn’t believe in sex on a first date, normalizing not wanting to have kids, if sex is better in your 20s or 30s, how vibrators may be hurting your chance to orgasm during sex, how to get out of your own head, sexual kinks, and more. This episode starts with a solo where I discuss being too picky, dating when you’re not over an ex, how we found an apartment, how the move went, and how to find friends in NYC. with code acme for $25 off your first box for 10% off during your first 3 months with code ACME for 10% off your first order for 10% off your first order


Produced by Dear Media