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We Met At Acme

Feb 13, 2022

In this week’s episode, I sit down Leanna Joan and Jared Rodrigues of Hello & Goodbye Podcast. We discuss Leanna’s divorce, why her and Jared aren’t a couple, the rules for platonic friendships, why selfies should never be on dating app profiles, how to not take yourself too seriously when on the apps, and more. This episode starts with a solo where I discuss how I got married yesterday, the different friend break ups we go through, and rules for the relationship stage before getting engaged.


Leanna and Jared will be posting their dating profiles in their stories when the episode airs, and you can DM or email them your submissions for a zoom date with one of them! ig @helloandgoodbyepodcast and email is They can check out all of things on www.helloandgoodbye-


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